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September Group Mentorship



“Go into yourself and test the deeps in which your life takes rise; at its source you will find the answer to the question whether you must create.” 


Whoever you are, there is beauty woven through your days. have you seen it? have you felt it? have you thanked it for coming and allowed it to shape your creative work? 

Our creative work asks us for our loyalty, its asks us to give it both time and power.

 This is your invitation to join Krista and a small number of creatives for your August days as we, with confident familiarity, prepare our body, mind, and spirit for the work that is to come. 

You will feel glorious alive, and inquisitive as you strengthen your creative voice and fuel your work as an artist.

You will begin to find what is most luminous to you as you realize your role as story makers and storytellers, art opens the heart.

Together we will add color to your canvases, form and purpose to your vessels, strength behind your words.

This is a unique opportunity to have the communal aspect of a group and the one to one tutelage of a mentor. 

The Learning Format:

Once you secure your place look for an email from Krista in the next couple of days that has a link to our zoom meeting and a couple of questions to think about before we begin to make the most of our time together.

We will begin with a 90 minute zoom call on Tuesday, September 6th at your equivalent of 9 am PDT where we will make introductions, Krista will teach you about finding your creative voice and giving form to what you feel. We will set goals for the month and the remaining time will move into an open Q&A. 

During the next few weeks we will continue to support, trust, admire and help one another.  Krista will check in privately via email with each member of our group and offer individual advice. There will also be a voted upon in our first gathering a form of daily group communication- private Facebook, private instagram or voxer (which is talking via an app much like a walkie talkie)

We will gather once more on Friday, September 30th at your equivalent of 9 am PDT to share our progress, offer critiques if that is wished and Krista will lead a workshop on the art of storytelling. 

“True art, when it happens to us, challenges the ‘I’ that we are.”

Jeanette Winterson


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