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i see magic in you. let's give it a little encouragement together! i am here for you a you learn to express your unique creative voice using clay. whether ceramics is a new found love for you, or you feel like inspiration has been avoiding you lately, i am here for you and want this to be a beautiful experience!

i have been working in clay for 12 years, learning how it tends to behave (or rather misbehave) and how to translate inspiration from my head and heart through my hands. i have been running my own studio and business for 5 years and learning how cultivating my own creative authenticity and connection to my craft.

one of the beautiful things about working with clay is the many directions you can go with the material and the products you choose to create; this can also be a source of intimidation and frustration. i am here as a friend to cheer you on as you find purpose in your own unique creative adventures and learn to honor your own creative intuition. together we will learn to create with courage and how to carry beauty with us.

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