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Kilnfolk Mentorship


Nourish Your Creative Confidence


We all need help, don't we? Perhaps you have been feeling this unfolding journey of self and hoping that somewhere, in someway, with someone you will be able to contemplate, connect, and create. Respond now to the call of your gifts- give them time and power while spending a year in discovery. Kilnfolk will be your moment to seek creative counsel. You are a beautiful vessel of honor designed with a unique purpose. 

Kilnfolk was created because I noticed there was a need in the creative industry for personalized mentorship- Kilnfolk has the added benefit of surrounding you in a supportive group of peers which gives us the gift of belonging to a group where you feel safe, supported, and nurtured. 

What is Kilnfolk? This is the place we center.

In the ceramic arts, one of the most important beginning steps is to center your clay. Before your work can begin your clay and your body must find center. There is this moment when you know you've done it, you feel that you're there and once you're centered then you can begin forming your vessel. I believe that transcendent art and lasting value begin with self awareness, a continual act of centering oneself. Our work in Kilnfolk will be centered on strengthening our creative voices, discovering our artistic motivations, and giving ourselves the gifts of time, self, and space for discovery. As we improve our ability to express our art and identify the value we have the ability to share, we can also improve our ability to sell our art by implementing clever business strategies. Being yourself is good for business, we begin by grounding ourselves in purpose so we can end in profit.

Kilnfolk is not just for ceramic artists, it's the metaphor I'm more interested in coupled with the fact that ceramics has been my area of study for 15 years as my creative background. I love that each clay has its own characteristics, it falls to the potter then to spend time and care for each creation through all the processes: molding, shaping, refining and the final act is to place each piece into the fire at a very specific temperature. All impurities are removed in this uniquely specific firing process and the vessels emerge, breathtaking and strong. In our time together this is my aim, to mold and shape and create actionable and individualized curriculums and practices which encourage you to discover the unique work that only you can do.  I designed a hybrid of individual creative awareness combined with the support and experience offered through familial setting, this is where the play on kinfolk comes- an environment that invites growth.  


Areas of Nourishment and Focus

-studio rituals, optimizing workflow and organization, audit your attention

-you are a storyteller, truly you are

-speaking with color

-clarity. full stop

-artist dates and introspection

-find your why

-handmade holiday preparations and strategies 

-the foundations of your creative voice

-core creative values 

-visual storytelling and acting as creative director

-building a community- online and locally- the art of gathering

-recognizing the muse

-curating collections

-identify who, what, why, and pricing 

- quieting your inner critic 

-building lasting connections and relationships

-humanizing and harmonizing your brand

-marketing with meaning, rooted in connection and creativity

-honoring your artistic heritage and bright spots

-an artists approach to social media

-lead magnets for artists and the art of email lists

-learning the art of rest, retreat and rising again- avoiding burnout and caring for your artist's body, mind, and soul

-diversifying your art and offerings for a well rounded business

-identifying and speaking to your golden collectors


These topics will be tailored to our group experience based on the information you offer on your application. There is also the added benefit of working on something specific in our 1:1 sessions. 


What is included in the Kilnfolk Mentorship?

-One year of supportive instruction alongside a creative society of artists who are finding their creative voice and growing their business like you! We will meet monthly for group instruction and discussion, every month Krista will have actionable points for centering your focus and intentions on the theme for the month. 

-1:1 guidance from Krista, we will meet 4 times individually via zoom as we develop your unique creative curriculum- based on your individual strengths and needs

-Daily connection and conversation between Krista and your fellow creative kinfolk who have also been accepted into the mentorship program. We share epiphanies, frustrations, musings, what your favorite snack in the studio is. We go where the community leads 

-Monthly lectures that alternate between the work we do as artists to find ourselves and to connect with our artistic voice and the work that's necessary in order to share that work with our collectors, creating a sustainable living. These will be given via zoom and will be recorded. 

-Art critiques and portfolio reviews-like the good old art school days- these may leave you a little sweaty from being the center of attention but we promise to be kind and to offer actionable movements

-Summer Residency via zoom  

-Art Book Club, get your snacks and drink of choice ready- there might even be costumes involved

-Open Studio Workshops 

-Handmade gifts from Krista including a mug to join you in your studio, a way for us to be studio mates across the miles- other favorite tools for learning and studio organization will be sent in January as we prepare for our work. 

-A collaborative art project, art class is back in session

-Guest lecture series 

-Downloadable PDFs on our topics of study

-In person retreat at the end of our time together, come defrost in the Arizonan desert. A ticket to this experience will be separate from the investment price of Kilnfolk in case you aren't able to make it.

When do we begin our work?

Just think of it! A whole brilliant year together!

January has become a sacred time for rest and reflection. I don’t want to rush. I want you to have a moment of stillness before we begin.  We as artists and creative entrepreneurs will be coming off of the holiday months where much is asked of you and your energy. It is likely you won't have had much time or space to begin thinking about the year ahead and a moment of gratitude for the year you just lived. I want this for you before we begin this year of growth and becoming. I also think it will be valuable to spend some time together in reflection the following January where we recap our highs and lows in our time together and decide what to start, stop, and continue as you prepare to carry on. 

 I will be in touch with each member of our mentorship group in January and we will begin our one to one work based on your goals and intentions for the year. This is where we begin building our trust and friendship foundations. I have designed PDFs to help you process the year before and look forward with intention to the year to come. 

 We will come together for the first time as a group in February as studio mates. I would love for you to introduce yourself to our small group, invite us into your work space if you’d like, and help us get to know you and your artwork.  We will meet at the same time monthly as a group via zoom and quarterly you and I will meet together one to one to honor your growth and prepare for future goals. All meetings will be recorded and stored in our Kilnfolk monthly archive and emailed in the event that you cant make it. 


A little help from my friends...I offer you proof of what's it like to be in a creative setting or mentorship with Krista 

Jordyn Brummet @jordynbrummet @thevesselhsv

"Going into my mentorship with Krista I had a lot of passion and ideas, but not a lot of direction which left me feeling a bit paralyzed. Krista kindly listened and over the course of our time together helped guide me to clarity. I learned how to use my creative voice which grew my confidence in my work tenfold. Krista helped me to lay a strong foundation for my business and equipped me with tools to move me toward a path of growth. One of my favorite things about mentorship with Krista is the thoughtful and personal touches she adds whether that be a mason stain in your favorite color, or a mantra picked with your specific creative journey in mind."


Connor Bernard @quipsandclay

"It's a gift to have someone evaluate your work, help sort through your own thoughts, feelings and dreams and ask those perfect probing questions but even more so when that person is as thoughtful and insightful as Krista. Perhaps the greatest gift she offers is patience and the ability to meet you right where you are, without a rush."


Kate Lewis @katelewisart

"Being in Krista’s presence I feel instant calm and a deep knowing that I can harness my artistic energy because she so elegantly shows how it's done. She is a master at nurturing her creative spirit and is a beautiful guide for me to seek my own. " (Kate and I were in a mastermind group together in 2020 and I did not mentor her but we are in creative settings together quite often and I value greatly her friendship and advice- this is proof of the beautiful relationships that can be built in a setting like Kilnfolk)


Kendyl Hawkins @kendylhawkins_portraits

I LOVE being in a creative atmosphere with Krista! She has a way of pulling out the very best in me while also challenging me to push myself further. She comes with a plan, yet grants my creativity space as well.  She's kind, encouraging and enthusiastic. Her passion for people and their unique talents and stories is my favorite thing about her. Any time I get to spend with her I end up learning something new. I am grateful for her influence in both my life and my business.

( Kendyl is my brand photographer and we have had many a creative adventure together, she has witnessed me in my glory and my creative chaos) 


Sarah Scheer @agorastudio

"Krista is an incredible mentor- her generous spirit was such a special part of our mentorship. She went above and beyond what I had hoped for in our time together. Her sweet encouragement, empathy, and fostering of our small artist community and attention to each of our specific studio practices was priceless. Learning from Krista has been such a blessing."


Does this feel right, are we actually going to get to be in creative counsel together?

Let's talk about who Kilnfolk might be right for:

-artists who have been in business for at least 1 year and have a business model to work within (to give us some baseline metrics to work with)

- go on and apply if you are able to attend most of the meetings 

-creatives who are willing to be share experiences and insights with our group, there is laughing, crying, encouraging. Its a beautiful thing to feel safe and supported

-artists of all mediums are so very welcome to apply

-artists who have been waiting to feel centered, to move towards meaning. We'll be sculpting our truest selves like a potter to their clay. 


Let me start the introductions

 Stand still in this moment of solitude. You will find the way, you will and I will help. 

What if I told you that while I am good at making ceramics what I'm really great at is... collecting. Collecting moments, making collections, collecting stories, collecting memories, collecting material for our senses, collecting wisdom and using my collections to share a clear message. And the beautiful thing about collecting is, these things we hold dear can be archived or they can be passed on, shared, bequeathed. I'd like to give a little of my collections to you.  

Krista has a radiant heart of wonder.  In her 15 years as a professional artist she has trained her senses to find beauty in the mundane and the majestic. She has sent her ceramic creations to collectors all over the world. She has collaborated with artists and businesses of note. She is a mother to four children and watching them create and turn into kind humans is such a delight. She lives in the Arizona desert with her family and draws inspiration from her adventures. She has mentored Creatives for four years, helping them to nourish their creative confidence. She lives by the words of Mary Oliver "Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."- is this not the pattern of an artist, we don't see the world as others do. Observe, feel, take it all in and then bear witness to all through from, shape, texture, color- all the creative languages we speak. 


May our adventures excite our hearts

And kindle in our lives courage for the unknown

May perpetual light keep you wherever you may traverse

May all that is unlived in you choose today to break free 

Remember the earth and her gifts to you

May your senses be centered on your wonderings

Tell me about the investment, I'd like to be a member of Kilnfolk.

I wanted to create an accessible community, a place of belonging for those wishing to make sacred agreements with beauty. We will be on a journey together while in our mentorship and I wanted this to be an investment of time, self, and effort and for us both. I wanted to create something of value that I would have wanted to be a part of when I was beginning as an artist but didn't have the resources that would come with time, knowledge, and directed effort. 


After your application is accepted, and you in turn decide that this experience is something you would like to commit to, membership to Kilnfolk can be secured by either:

1 time payment of $4169


12 monthly payments of $379

Applications will open for one week October 23-October 27th. This is an intentionally small group. I'll be in touch by October 30th to let you know of your acceptance, you in turn have one week to decide if Kilnfolk is the right mentorship vessel for you. Payment must be submitted (or payment plan in place) by November 6th.

Please be sure you would like to participate in Kilnfolk BEFORE applying. If you aren't sure please feel free to get in touch hello If you decide to withdraw after you have submitted your investment before December 31, 2023, 11 months of payment will be reimbursed. 

I can't wait to meet you through your application, you shine so brightly! 

 It's Time, You Beautifully Creative Soul * Come Apply to Kilnfolk >


These film photos were taken by Kate Lines on glorious day in August that I will never forget- I think you can see why. Angela Hardison created the branding for Kilnfolk but also guided me tenderly along in the way that a friend with her own talent of seeing beauty could offer.  I'm eager to encourage you to create with your community because...well, its magical. 




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