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Pippa Vessel- Please get in touch with Krista is you wish to purchase this vessel


If you are interesting in purchasing this vessel please get in touch with Krista so she can show you the surface and some of the more prominent cracking that occured in the firing process to make sure this is acceptable to you. 



I waited for her to come back.

She was lovely

With her laugh and her skin of gold

And I, blinded and allured,

I pushed you away.

I wintered alone.

But as the rains fell and the flowers bloomed,

you came back,

Just like I knew you would.

Just like you always have.



sculpted by Krista Coons

sculpture made from obsidian black clay. unglazed. measures about 12"x 10".

This piece is unglazed or sealed and it is not recommended that your sculpture comes in contact with water or food. 

 Please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to ship as I prepare your certificate of authenticity, transferring ownership for this original piece of art. 

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