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Objects of Intention Subscription


Hand crafted ceramics to greet the seasons. Ceramic designs will be made and shipped quarterly, the designs will closely resemble the items depicted in the photos but will always be of equal value if a change needs to occur. Krista reserves the right to alter the designs. 

By reserving your subscription you will receive :

March: two tumblers or mugs, one for you as you say hello to the sun and one for a friend who stops by- brew them a cuppa ($130)

June:  large, shallow serving platter and two serving forks for meals to be served family style as neighbors come together in the summer months. ($170)

September: A set of 6 shell dessert plates to sample new delights as the produce changes with the fall season ($90)

December: a mixing bowl for baking your favorite traditional recipes  ($165)


A certificate will be shipped by mid December to make sure the shipping address is correct for all future designs. This is also by design something that could be gifted while we wait for the spring to arrive and the first design to be sent. 


INTERNATIONAL COLLECTORS: if you would like to be a part of the subscriptions, a separate invoice for adjusted shipping costs will be sent each quarter. 

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