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The O'Keeffe Collection will open for PREORDERS May 30th- June 6th

Paintbrush Bluffs

Southwestern Sky
Ghost Ranch

This product made as a resting place for multiple brushes is inspired by the color story and landscape of Georgia O'Keeffe's beloved New Mexican desert and her love of color and its ability to convert messages beyond what words are able.

Bone- a favorite subject matter and study for O'Keeffe, she collected them from the desert, she painted them, she decorated with them. She said "I have always tried to paint the Bones and the Blue."

Southwestern Sky- have you ever seen a southwestern sky? its relentlessly blue, clear, and cloudless. This hue is often explored in O'Keeffe's paintings

Ghost Ranch- Georgia would have been greeting by the warmth of the landscape around her from the moment she opened her doors at Ghost Ranch until she washed her brushes out for the day. This earthen pink is one of the colors I think of most when I think of Georgia O'Keeffe and her work and life.

This listing is for one rest for your brushes, select if you would like neutral Bone, cool Southwestern Sky, or warm Ghost Ranch


4 inches long x .5 inches tall with room for 4-6 brushes (depending on the brush size)