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Garland Bead Kit


I wanted to help you make something festive for the holidays so I made ceramic beads thinking that this was a chance for you to design and create something that would suit your decor and style this holiday season. 

PLEASE NOTE: The bead kit is ONLY contains the ceramic beads. There are 15 handcrafted beads in winter whites, camel, and blush in varying shapes and styles. Each bag will be a carefully selected assortment of shapes and sizes. The beads in the photo may not be the ones you receive but each will be carefully balanced and selected to make beautifully designed garland. 

So I can assemble the most fitting kit for you please select if you would like your beads to be only shades of white/neutrals (porcelain, cream stoneware, soft camel, white glaze over a warm clay body) or if you would like the addition of blush to your beads. 



Tono and Co. velvet ribbon or 2"custom dyed silks are my favorite ribbons for this, you'll want something a little sturdy because the beads will add some weight to your garland. 

Use 3M hooks to help support the garland especially if wrapping around some evergreens 

Dried citrus would be a fresh addition to your garland- my personal favorite is drying ruby red grapefruits instead of oranges, they stay a beautiful pink!

Springs of olive trees, Rosemary, evergreens, or foraged delights would look divine in little bundles tied onto your garland. 

Polaroids add a special personalized touch, use black and white for something classic. You could take photos of meaningful moments through the season like hosting friends, or putting up your tree and add them to the garland as you collect these memories. You could take photos of a photo- I did this with my grandmothers portrait in one of the listing photos. Your garland could have photos of your family past and present. 

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