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$500 in-person session


this mentorship is an open invitation to my studio in mesa arizona. we will spend the day together creating! based on your interests i will walk you through techniques and discuss work flow as we create a project together. we will discuss necessary materials and tools for handbuilding. you can ask me any questions you might have as we work based on your interests or challenges you might have encountered.

i will give you a tour of my studio and a behind the scences look at how i prefer to work. we can discuss any part of the creative process you wish:

  • seeking inspiration
  • keeping a sketchbook
  • discussing useful tips and tools
  • drafting and troubleshooting prototypes
  • affirmations and studio practices for creatives
  • finding and expressing your unique style
  • social media
  • running color tests
  • finding harmony with family life
  • picking finishes to elevate your products
  • approaching and pitching collaborations
  • photographing your work and telling a story
  • troubleshooting challenges unique to ceramic artists
  • selecting branding and packaging that suits your identity as an artist
of course there will be snacks and music because im very much into a happy studio vibe. i will collect a few of my favorite tools and things i use in my own creative practice as a parting gift.

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